Adobe Illustrator vs. Photoshop

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by kiko_friendly, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. kiko_friendly

    kiko_friendly New Member

    What are the pros and cons of each programme? Why would you pick one over the other? Do you think they are both equally good, but just in different ways?

    I'm getting Illustrator soon, so I wouldn't know.

    I do use Photoshop...

    Just wanna know what you all think!
  2. tanicos

    tanicos New Member

    I've got an Adobe Certification for Photoshop and written books and did video training tutorials about it. What can i's the best
    As for Illustrator if you are a really good vector designer...that's the best..
    When i buy Illustrator files i always export them in Photoshop
  3. MediaInf

    MediaInf New Member

    I like to use illustrator when doing a Logo mockup. That way I know my design will work in vector. Later, I add all the "bells and whistles" in photoshop.

    Remember, the key benefit to vector is that its scalable without losing quality. Of course, this is mostly important in print.
  4. kiko_friendly

    kiko_friendly New Member

    I love vectors. :)

    I think I'm OK at them. Only ever done two or three, though. It's 'cause they take hours. xD :) I'm talking about vectors of people, though...
  5. web67

    web67 New Member

    i never worked with vectors, i prefer good old photoshop
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  6. Niteo

    Niteo New Member

    i hart photoshop... Never got into illustrator... plus everything i ever needed to do in illustrator, i could do in photoshop, so why even start? maybe someday i'll get into vector but not today....
  7. Healthy

    Healthy New Member

    I use Gimp. Granted I don't really do all that much, but it does everything that I would want to do in Photoshop, so is a good choice for me...
  8. grizly

    grizly Banned

    Gimp is great and usable software.
  9. natenation

    natenation New Member

    Illustrator is generally easier on your computer since it is working with paths versus pixels... Unless of course you are just creating low resolution graphics for a website. The greatest advantage of illustrator over photoshop is the quality... Being that the graphics are vector they can be scaled to whatever size you need without any loss in quality. If you made it in photoshop you are stuck using the size you created it at or smaller.

    That being said creating graphics in illustrator is more difficult. ;oP

    Nate Johnson
    Web Design - Comics - Illustration

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  10. jezzbb

    jezzbb New Member

    Illustrator(vector based) has capabilities which photoshop(raster based) cannot do. Both has its own place in creating graphics and editing. It's better to have both.
  11. squarflo

    squarflo New Member

    You can't really compare Photoshop and Illustrator as they are essentially different programs. I started my design career working with photoshop, and after 8 years i got pretty comfortable with it. Then one day I decided to explore Illustrator after having worked with Macromedia Freehand during my training years. I often compared FreEhand and photoshop and obviously preferred the latter. Photoshop filters allowed me to be really creative right from the start while freehand (like illustrator) required much more practice, time, and patience to create graphics that are nowhere near as interesting as the graphics that I could produce with photoshop.

    It's only after I started working with Illustrator more that I realized the potential of the application and more importantly "what it should be used for". Illustrator obviously should not be used for photo manipulation, nor should photOshop be used for designing logos.

    However since I prefer a clean web 2.0 look and feel I can easily just work with illustrator, and I often do. I have designed numerous websites and logos using nothing but illustrator. 80 of the 20 more recent websites in my portfolio ( were designed using illustrator.

    I love illustrator and will not hire a designer if they can't work with illustrator in their sleep.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2008
  12. resto

    resto New Member

    They are designed for working on 2 different things Photoshop is for pixels and Illustrator is for vectors.

    Pixels are for the web and Vectors are for printing.

    I love Photoshop I do a little in Illustrator but I’m still not that great with it. I just ordered Illustrator wow, I am going to try to do a lesson every evening and try to better my Illustrator skills.

    I could live without Illustrator but life would be hard without Photoshop.
  13. lookgood_cool

    lookgood_cool New Member

    best in there way

    Photoshop is powerful raster software - speciallised in pixel editing, where illustrator is vector graphic, lines, curves and coordinates - non pixelating drawing like logos, adverstisement with rich vector elements, packaging and other vector stuffs. photoshop is for collage making, digital painting, retouching the image, texture making for 3d art and web layouts all those things.
  14. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    personally i never use illustrator (the livetrace is horrible compared a free program called inkscape) and if i want to do anything simple ... it takes 2-3 times more work to do it. on the other hand I always use illustrator for complex things that would take eons to do in any other vector program (complex warps and distortions mainly ... and the 3d extrude is great for fast 3d vectors.) but i use vector about as much as i use photoshop and corel paint.

    I just finished the following design last night ... i used draw for the initial design and linework and all the value and texturing was photoshop.

    Attached Files:

  15. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    Illustrator is the bane of my vector existance. I use corel draw and inkscape for my vector needs when they are simple and every day, but I use illustrator for converting graphics I receive/design to a more usable file format (for flash or for stock) as well as I use it for the complex things that would make the other programs gag and die from (like complex warps and 3d extrusions). But for the most part, all my vector work can be done on inkscape (fantastic open source trace software) and draw (fantastic programs all around) faster, easier, and with less of a draw on my system resources. (good for having photoshop open at the same time without a system lag)
  16. rady

    rady New Member

    If you think that your designs needs resizing, then you need Ilustrator.
    If you build graphics that will never be resized, then Photoshop you go with.
  17. Bazballnut94

    Bazballnut94 New Member

    I have used Photoshop for over a year now and I love it. However, I just started using illustrator and I realized that they are both good, but for different things. Illustrator can be used for making things from scratch, like logos for example. While Photoshop is used for editing images that are already made. i find that making something in illustrator and then putting it in Photoshop to do some extra things works very well.
  18. RAJO

    RAJO New Member

    both programs share many of the capabilities of the other. Photoshop can create "vector objects" like shapes and typography. However they become part of the "bitmap" once rasterized. (Once the file is "finished".) Illustrator offers painting, brushes, colorizing and can even import and manipulate "bitmapped" images -- however these are all "vector objects" NOT bitmaps. So it can become confusing.
    Most professionals and higher-end hobbyist prefer to own both programs because of their unique capabilities which complement each other.
  19. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    Illustrator is generally used in print. I wouldn't really say either is better than the other, as they are meant to work together. Each has it's place and function and they are not competing applications.
  20. aly0408

    aly0408 New Member

    it depends on what i'm doing. if i want to use vectors, and want to mess around with a font or something along those lines, i love illustrator. but if i'm not doing that sort of thing, i usually stick to photoshop.

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