3D Effect Animated Logo


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Hello everyone. If this post looks familar to you it is probably because I have posted it in the past, before I read the rules (yes it was deleted) :-|

For Sale:

Customized 3D Animated Flash Logo


(still preview)

The following animated logo design can be customized to suit your needs.
Other than the obvious business name change, we can also change the fly in direction, the text color, the surrounding bar color, and dimensions.

To view the animated logo in action and for more information please visit the product page HERE.

Thank you for your interest.


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Sorry, but honestly, I doubt who knows anything about good design would be interested in buying that logo. Logos need to be custom tailored to the company. Not just any cookie cutter logo will do.

Do you have any real experience or education in graphic design? It doesn't look like it from the quality of your design and website.