Would anyone like to critique my new logo?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by ally, May 14, 2012.

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  1. ally

    ally New Member

    Thank you for checking this out, I'd really appreciate any honest feedback on my new logo.
    Thank you in advance, Ally

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  2. d a v e

    d a v e New Member

    how does it work at smaller sizes?
    letterhead, business card, site logo...
    green background could be pale sky blue or silver for more contrast
  3. blogdesigns

    blogdesigns New Member

    It looks really good, maybe you could include one falling drop of water into the logo as well. And try a silver background.
  4. Sophia M

    Sophia M New Member

    Look good, but the water drops don't seem quite natural to me, try remove one of the large ones (just personal idea)
  5. scept1c

    scept1c New Member

    you could change the color of the background, other then that it is really good
  6. thatsitcreative

    thatsitcreative New Member

    Logo Critique

    I really like this logo! I always try to keep in mind how it would look in a letterhead and in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes, that in itself adjusts my design.
  7. helloworld

    helloworld New Member

    looks great.. needs a bit of minor adjustments though.
    the lighting doesnt make sense.. you have your water drop specs and shadows coming from all different directions.

    im also concerned about scaling the image down.. you may need to simplify things a bit and/or make the text larger.

    and this seems very much like a lot of 'leaf' tutorials ive seen out there..

    overall, great job though
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  8. Diversus

    Diversus New Member

    I like it. Spread the water drops around a bit they are a bit fixed.
  9. Desigirl

    Desigirl New Member

    It is one of the best logo's I ever seen, I really love the green colour shading in it. But I would recommend you to change the font style (think | ally)
  10. PixelPusher

    PixelPusher Super Moderator Staff Member

    The concept is great, but it should not be reliant on the gradient background. I would also like to see a monochromatic version. A solid logo should stand strong in color or black and white.
  11. ilovedesign

    ilovedesign New Member

    The design looks great, ok. But what about the concept? Can you give us a hint on what you want this one to convey?
  12. sandramichaels1

    sandramichaels1 New Member

    It really looks good. I think you just need to resize it into a smaller one.
  13. HireLogo

    HireLogo New Member

    is the ground vector? If so how did you do that?
  14. JakClark

    JakClark New Member

    If anything, the plant complements the text - which alone looks pretty good despite it's simplicity. For smaller variations, it'd be nice to see a solid colour plant with the text :)
  15. bdclippingpath

    bdclippingpath New Member

    I also like it. The art work represents your talent.
  16. bdclippingpath

    bdclippingpath New Member

    Graphics Design

    Logo design is certainly a creative art work in graphics design but your work shows that it was very easy to you to do that. A natural effect has added a new dimension in it. In fact it is a sign of natural beauty.
  17. Airehk

    Airehk New Member

    If there is one thing I know about logo design, its that it needs to look good not only in colour, but also black and white.

    I'm going to go against the grain here and boldly say, that's not a logo. Its an illustration.

    Here's some tips to simplify:

    • You don't need the soil, everyone knows where a plant comes from, so its unnecessary.
    • In logo design, avoid gradients as much as possible, in smaller applications, they will get lost and only change the hue to a lighter value/tone.
    • I'm not sure if the dew drops are a necessity, but if they are, why are they realistic compared to the rest of the image?
    • Imply, imply, imply! Nothing needs to be literal. Sometimes what isn't there gives the viewer the idea of what is causing it. Ex. white crescents instead of actual water drops.
    • Personal opinion, do you need that much plant towering over the typography. Your type is applied so well here. It explains the delicateness of the imagery alone. Could the plant/leaf(s) just play a small role with the type or in the type? Think Starbucks. Big type, little mermaid/siren. Now its just the mermaid.siren because we know what its associated with. After time, it might just wind up being a pantone green circle.

    Minimalist designs are the most effective designs because you know the only important information that is needed to get the idea across. At that point, it can be placed on virtually anything and you know what it is. Think the golden arches of McDonalds.

    I look forward to what comes of this!
  18. Sllen Scott

    Sllen Scott New Member

    I would agree to all of these. It would be a good idea if he downsized the plant image so that it matches the text more.
  19. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    couldnt agree more.

    the font - spot on.
    the background - remove
    the soil - remove

    as for the plant i'd make it about 1/4 that size. flat colour, and I'd probably even go as far as removing the stem and having an interesting design which is based around the three leaves. subtlety is key and i'd actually prefer if there was to be any water droplets to just have one.

    then (as with all logo concepts) I would desaturate it and resize to a 100x100 pixel artboard. does it still pack punch or is it lost? is it instantly recognisable?
    the context that it will be used needs to be taken into consideration as well. business cards, email signatures, with comps slips, invoicing, banners, etc...
  20. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    The logo is nice. But like others said,try changing the BG color and you'll be fine.

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