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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by sakura1998, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. sakura1998

    sakura1998 New Member

    Hi everyone (first post),

    I run a chain of small English schools in Japan and need a 'fresh look' logo (that follows the basic theme of our current logo) for a new online resource page we are developing.

    We want a funky version of the existing logo and are happy to pay for a great design. We would also like to discuss a contract to design banners, menus, stationery and signage with suitably talented people (show me your designs in this thread if you want a reply).

    The Japanese and English characters "Best 英会話” are our company name and the logo should be designed around these.

    The final two characters '教室' should be dropped the yellow lettering at the top is also additional info and isn't necessary.

    It feel it would be better to stick with the original colors (but I'm open to suggestions)

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  2. sakura1998

    sakura1998 New Member

  3. bcackerman

    bcackerman New Member

    Are you still looking for a logo?
  4. softzdebamalya

    softzdebamalya New Member

    I am the webmaster for the site http://www.blazecommunication.com/pages.php3. You can go through our site and can see the service provided by us so that we can discuss about what type of logo you want in detail.
  5. Danny Willson

    Danny Willson New Member

    :p Sorry, I don't know Japanese language But your logo design is good.

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