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Can you please give me some design tips? I feel like something is off...Maybe with the colors? The Yellowtail banner fonts should be Bacalisties (trying to find a way to plugin custom font that works with pagelayer...running into difficulties).

Can someone give me some pointers? I welcome honesty! So any critique you can give me, I just want to improve on my skills.

Thank you!

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I understand your desire to improve your design skills and receive honest feedback on your website(srdstatus). Taking a look at your website, I would suggest focusing on refining your color scheme to ensure it aligns with your desired aesthetic and message. Experiment with different color combinations that complement each other and create a visually pleasing experience. Regarding the Yellowtail banner fonts, if you're facing difficulties with incorporating a custom font that works with pagelayer, consider exploring alternative font options that are compatible with the platform. Overall, your openness to feedback and dedication to enhancing your skills is commendable. Keep up the great work!