Web store - is PayPal good enough?


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I'm starting an small online business and I'll be selling semi-custom products. So in the ordering process, I'll need to have drop-down boxes where customers can specify size, colour, etc... and the price will adjust accordingly.

I'm definately NOT a web designer, but I'd like to try to make this myself. Is PayPal sofisticated enough to do what I want? If not, what's my cheapest option?



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If you have a lot of different options per product you'll want to use a shopping cart. Paypal is as sophisticated as any other and more sophisticated than some. ZenCart is a free application that is relatively easy to customize. It will work with paypal as well as many other payment processing services.


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In short, yes, paypal is good enough, and possibly one of the best payment processing systems out there, as a lot of people use it.