The best Web designer Book you have ever seen: This one Changed my life

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Ammar Elz3eem, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. Ammar Elz3eem

    Ammar Elz3eem New Member

    Hello Guys

    I'm here today to tell you a story about me and how is a book

    one single book Changed my life and my career

    My name is Ammar I'm a web designer but 3 years ago I was a Civil Engineer But I don't Love Engineering so I decided to change my Career

    But I don't now How Can I work after I leave Engineering

    one day I heard someone of my friends says that he earns a 150k Dollars From the internet

    I was surprised How can anyone earn From the internet, I asked him "how did you do that" He told me that he is working as a web designer on the freelancer's website

    So I decided to search for web designing and freelancing because I didn't know what is freelancing and what's web designing

    after a day in search and learning, I could get a book to teach me how to be a professional web designer the price of the book was 100$

    actually, I don't have this money when I started So, I decided to buy anything that I don't need to buy this book.

    Finally, I did that I bought my phone and I get 100$ The next step for me was to have a Credit Card to be able to buy this Ebook

    I read people reviews about this book on google and I found that It's Really Wonderful Book and yes I did that, I bought this book and read It and I Found That I can build any website I want in less than 24 hours It was Incredible after that I started My Journey with Freelancing. I Create an account on most freelancers website with the same profile which says that I'm a web designer and I made a website for me which contains my Portfolio and I put My portfolio on all freelancing websites and guess what after 2 weeks I Get my First job on Fiverr It was a german social media platform needs to Create a design for their website

    and I did it in only seven days

    Yeah it was hard to do it, but I have my secret to doing it, It was the book

    Here the first Project for me:
    Screenshot.png Screenshot.png

    I didn't Belive that I did this website in only 7 days

    The client was really Surprised, He told me that how did you do it in only 7 days, I told him that I'm a professional :) [​IMG][​IMG]

    after 2 days He asked me to do another design for an e-commerce website But I stayed 14 days for this design and I finish it and the client also give me 5 stars and he loved my work

    after this, I started to get a lot of Clients Every single day

    all of this Started From the mobile I buy and the book I sold

    The book now is very very Cheaper than 5 years ago

    Now the book is only Sell for 5$

    It's a really Cheap

    If you want to Buy it

    You can go here and buy It:
    Learning Web Design

    That's my Story with Web Designing and How I get rich with the help of a book


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