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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by crisbeto, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. crisbeto

    crisbeto New Member

    I'm graduating high school this year and i'm planning on studying multimedia and web design in university. Can anyone who works as a web designer tell me if they have graduated web design, what did you study in the university, how long was the programme(years).
    I've heard that the education doesn't really help when you're searching for a job(as a designer).
  2. michaelgee123

    michaelgee123 New Member

    Most likely depends on what jobs you are looking into. Obviously if you run your own business the degree is of less importance than the knowledge. In addition, most start-up companies seem to look for the skill level of the applicant more so than the piece of paper, and larger, well established companies tend to look for the degree from a university. Just my observation.
  3. printchesco

    printchesco New Member

    Are you looking to study in university yourself or are you just looking to gain more insight on the matter? In this field it would seem that you would need skill more than a degree. In other fields, you need a diploma to prove that you are skilled, but with graphics design all you need are some tools and the will to create your own portfolio.
  4. crisbeto

    crisbeto New Member

    Well I'm thinking about studying in a university(already sent documents etc), where I'd like to get more knowledge on the subject. But I wasn't exactly thinking about graphic design, more like the site programming etc(the front end or what was it called).

    Hmm and wouldn't it be an advantage when looking for a job when you have a diploma in that area?
  5. KristinWard

    KristinWard New Member

    If your planning to work for yourself then having a degree doesn't matter. Customers generally don't ask those kind of things. Experience is a major part of getting a job. However classes can be useful and if your trying to get hired having a degree can give you an edge sometimes.

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