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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs and Advertising Space' started by specialk, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. specialk

    specialk New Member

    Has anybody here tried the paid to post programs?

    I have seen a few out there that claim to pay you to post on your own blog, I assume you have to have a good PR blog, but I don't know.
  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I have never used any of them, but from what I have seen, tends to deliver better for some of the bigger blogs, while perhaps may perform better for some smaller blogs.
  3. suz

    suz New Member

    I have used them. You do need good google rankings usually. The trouble is using paid to post gets rid of your rankings so you can only make money for a limited time.
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    not to mention if you have a good genuine subscriber base, you risk alienating your readers if you post too many paid posts, and yes, like Suz said, if google somehow finds out, they can penalize your site.
  5. rethefal

    rethefal New Member

    so is it not good ways ,right? Maybe for the employee who do post is good. But for owner, if their employee did copy content, it will trouble.
  6. yelleyster

    yelleyster New Member

    There's so many of these things that I've come across, but the whole pay you to post thing depends on so many things. Basically YES you can get paid. But the amount of money you get paid depends on a whole wack of variables that arn't up to you to control.

    I've read where people say its the greatest thing ever and they promote it, but they don't realize that not everyone is going to do a similar job that their doing. Because work quality definitely matters: thats the reason why their paying you. They want real work for real money.
  7. superaff

    superaff New Member

    Sites like payperpost and reviewme do this. But Google will punish you if you monetize your links, meaning a drastic PR drop will ensue. :(
  8. yelleyster

    yelleyster New Member

    Google's the worst. How does this fair with MSN and Yahoo though? Does anyone know? I would imagine it would be somewhat of the same result.
  9. Jennysmith

    Jennysmith New Member

    I never tried it but heard a lot about such programs, do you have any experience with such kind of programs?
  10. jgalty

    jgalty New Member

    I've never tried it but i'm not to sure how effective they would be. The amount of work compared to pay probably would be not worth it.
  11. Juturnalia

    Juturnalia New Member

    I'd say start by getting paid to post on other peoples blog. After you get the experience you need and the client base you need you can then make your own blog. After that you can ask your old employers to help you out. You have to start small and then go large on everything you do.
  12. priestm

    priestm New Member

    I think it gets tricky... but try not to do anything that'll get you punished by google
  13. kidsko

    kidsko New Member

    tried a few of them out but let me tell you, the 'threshold' you need to hit is usually like 10-20 hours worth of your time. sometimes it makes me wonder if its worth it, especially when a lot of them are in the $5-10 range for certain posts. sure its "good" money at times, but it depends on a how bunch of logistics that they've predeteremined. basically if you spent an hour working on something to make it decent, and they don't like it, don't expect to make anything
  14. ishuvonet

    ishuvonet New Member

    Yes there are many people who are making a good amount of money only from paid posting.I am one of them who used to make money in such way.But for this you must have a blog or website with good pr,good traffic,good content and then you will get lots of task from the paid blogging networks like pay per post or smorty.
  15. BradT81

    BradT81 New Member

    I would stay away from this kind of seems like your blog would loose quality
  16. DorothyHick

    DorothyHick New Member

    Wish i could make it too.
  17. mrandrei

    mrandrei New Member

    I've never tried any paid to post programs, cos I'm not very impressed with the earnings you could get from it.

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