Official Introduction Thread


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Greetings. After 20 years at Microsoft, I am a newly minted Amazonian working on the Webstore team. As the Training and Documentation manager I hope to create compelling online training and videos for our eCommerce platform. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


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Hey everyone. I am currently learning Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash through Home Learning College. I am at the point where I need to build my final site but I have no confidence in what I am doing. I joined so I could perhaps pick up some hints from you guys.

Hope to see you around the forum soon.


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Hi gang, I'm here to learn what I need to know that I don't know (which is a lot more than I wish it was)

I have questions re: my site loads WAY too slow (and I'm not sure what to do about it)

I use WP thesis exclusively, I can get any wp domain to rank where ever I want it to.. but

my blogs lack the spit n polish of responsive web design

I'm graphics deficient

I'm buying Adobe Illustrator and will need help with it

I know my clients will pay for "web design" but aren't as eager to pay for SEO (even though the SEO will make the website turn a profit and design will not)

There is a WHOLE LOT i don't know, that I'm looking to learn

hmm, a little bio about me:

I run Frederick Web Promotions and specifically I concentrate on regional search engine marketing

(google that) I also cater specifically for Google Places Ranking (google that too) and my forte is Local Google Advertising (you guessed it, google that as well)

I am the apex predator in my specialty but my design skills? well they suck

which is why I'm here


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I'm Kristin. Its nice to meet you all. :D
Really enjoying the site. Its nice to be able to get opinions and discuss things with people who don't stare at you blankly when you mention things like SEO and html.


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Hello all,

I'm soon to finish a web design AS and am about to head out into the world,

glad to have come across this site!


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Howdy! After a few years of tinkering around for fun I decided I wanted to take a more serious turn and maybe make a career out of web design. So I'm here to learn and help all I can. Knowledge should be shared and not hoarded. =)


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Hi everyone! I'm new here and I have to say I really like your site. It's fun and informative. I'm gonna hang around here from now on... see you around...


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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, i am here because i wanted to gather information regarding seo techniques and strategies, I want to put my page on first page of google search.

As of now, I am doing link building for my website and webpages hopefully it works. I am not seeing the result as of today because i have to wait for 4-6 weeks before i can see the result or progress.

Thank you,


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Probably the unguided belief, and this has been perpetuated by money hungry seo "experts" for years, that getting to page 1 in google is the holy grail, and thus you can sit on your laurels once you've got there. that it doesnt matter about age or quality of the content, or relevance but simply, I am #1!!!
hello to everybody on this forum

Hello to the members of this friendly forum.
I'm a representative of kvchosting company and want to become a useful member of this forum.


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Hello, everyone.

I'm new to the site, but I figured this'd be the place to learn some new tricks - my HTML skills are a bit on the mediocre side.