Need cool/disturbing/twisted guild logo! iDLe HaNds

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Fearless13, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. Fearless13

    Fearless13 New Member

    Hi -

    Well I think the title sums up what I need. I need a small logo (250/150) for a Guild I am in for the game DOTA 2.

    The name of the guild is "iDLe HaNds" and I'd like to use that style of lower/uppercase. We use the tag [iDLe] but I do want the full name in the logo.

    The name is based on the phrase "Idle hands are the devils playground" so I am looking for something maybe demonic, bloody, disturbing, twisted, [place similar describing word here]

    Id like the logo to have a hand or hands in it. Claws maybe? Nails? i dont know. I am really open for anything. Currently we do have a snake in our logo - very simple kind of a silhouette of a snake outline and I wouldnt mind keeping something similar mixed in with hands too.

    Anyone up for the challenge?
  2. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    Better off building up a valuable reputation here before asking for free stuff.

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