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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by Mshockey, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Mshockey

    Mshockey New Member

    Hey guys, so I know there are a few flaws in this website, but I want your opinions on it.

    No, I didn't design this website. I am actually pretty good friends with the owner of this business. I am trying to convince her that this website needs to be completely redone. I'm hoping if I show her this thread then she may reconsider my offer.

    Thanks guys!

    Be sure to turn up your volume and look at it on different types of devices if you get the chance!

  2. Mshockey

    Mshockey New Member

    This is the perfect opportunity to trash a website!
  3. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    I dont want to trash it. it's old and poorly done. there would be no fun in trashing it.

    at least it's not in a table.
  4. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    It's very tacky. But I'm guessing it was made a loooong time ago?

    Their premises looks quite good (from what I saw on the home page). Does the design of this page give it the credibility, aesthetic appeal and high-quality reputation it deservers? no.

    Definately NOT what I'd like to see from a steakhouse.

    And not just helping you out. That website could genuinely benefit from a modern design.
  5. Mshockey

    Mshockey New Member

    Actually no. It was made maybe a year ago. Very recent.

    I agree with your comments though!
  6. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    wow! it's an incredibly dated design.

    and who still uses flash?
  7. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

  8. ronaldroe

    ronaldroe Super Moderator Staff Member

    The music is annoying, but I kinda like the "sizzle" sound when the animation first loads. Makes me hungry, because I imagine slapping a giant slab of dead cow on a hot grill.

    I agree with Phreadee, though. It's no fun to trash a site when that's what we're supposed to do. It's too easy. Besides, sites don't get trashed on here to be mean (unless the poster gets butt-hurt about it), it's to nit-pick flaws to help the poster make it better.
  9. serlak2007

    serlak2007 New Member

    It's ugly and unprofessional but it made me feel like dancing :). If that was the reason the website was created then the goal was achieved :).
  10. kwoods

    kwoods New Member

    The music reminds me of the Nancy Drew PC games I play for fun.
    ie: not good for a professional web site.
  11. Edge

    Edge Member

    Gives me this nostalgic feeling for the late nineties - well done PS 32 Creative Services!

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