IQ Catch Dating Website


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I love the IQ character, but do not like the IQ with the gold catch. The footer is pretty sick, but I feel the flow of the site is kind of unorthodox. The log in takes the majority of the first fold, when typically it is in the right hand corner. I think people are looking for a cleaner site when looking for dating sites.



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Hi Treelifedesigns thanks for the feedback, Still trying to figure out how to make the site unique and different but still feel like a dating site, have got rid of some of the blue to a suggestion given to me, I feel there is still some things that need to be changed for a more slick looking site. I don't think the left hand menus are right yet, still looking for suggestions to improve.


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I like the excitement of the homepage (and the girls! lol)
The logo is VERY original and appealing but it's a bit too busy. It took me a couple seconds to see that it said IQ catch. I think the gold takes too much away from it. The graphic on the bottom of the page is interesting and eyecatching. It's like a reward for those who take the time to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. However, it does look kinda.....predatory? A blue IQ character (a male, I assume) lassoing in tryin to capture the other IQ characters. Reminds me of a cowboy catching cattle for a slaughter, lol! But good concept overall