I would like to purchase this website


I would like to buy webdesignforum.com. Yes the whole thing.
Because it's got a big enough user base to be good, but there is too much spam and low quality crap posts that are simply promoting sig links. And there are way too many ads. And the theme looks outdated, and I want to make this forum really nice.
Administrators please propose a price.


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you mean cutting edge design such as this?
or this low contrast doosy
or this tasteless cyan based design
and of course we all love bullshit ****ing popups too.
such as the annoying ones featured on this one
also this fine green based theme deserves a mention too.
I'm afraid that your design skills just aren't up to speed...
obviously the best you've got is
but your popups man are ****ing invasive! NO ONE ****ING LIKES POP UPS, GET IT??

I think this forum functions perfectly fine, and the design, really who gives a shit?, ITS A FORUM!
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