How to Customize my Google Sites website Domain.

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Trust the day is going well for y'all. For some time now, I have been trying to customize the address of my Google Sites website to something like... I bought a Domain name and tried doing the mapping to no avail. I have read & carried out all Google's instructions step by step to no avail. Please does anyone here know how I can solve this problem of customizing my Google Sites website domain? Your suggestions will be appreciated.

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Anyone here with useful information on how I can customize the domain of a website i created on Google Sites. I have read all Google Supports articles on the customization but non worked. I know it is possible cos I've seen them. Please help friends. Thanks


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but non worked

In that case you probably misread or misunderstood them, and, ... until you explain WHY it hasn't worked or what didn't happen or happened instead what are we going to tell that is different from the Google documents?
To customize your domain
  • Choose a reliable domain and assign your website.
  • Design your website
  • Redirect organic traffic to your domain
  • Update your user.