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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by AusQB, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. AusQB

    AusQB New Member

    I see a lot of sites, including this one, that doesn't show filenames in the URL (eg. http://www.domain.com/index.htm).

    How is this done?

    For other pages/subpages, are they simply in subdirectories in the websites file structure?

    EDIT: I tried putting the files in separate folders and renaming them all to index.html, but when I previewed it in Firefox it went to a file system view when trying to access the lower index.html files.

    EDIT: I've been fooling around with how the links are meant to work, and running into a lot of problems regarding relative addresses. If I want one of the nav buttons to link to a subfolder, let's call it "child/", then if I want to jump to another folder from there it will simply concatenate to the end of that path (ie. child/home/).

    How am I meant to create relative addresses in this case? Do I need a script that keeps track of the folder structure and modifies the address accordingly? (ie. change sister/ to ../sister when in the child/ folder)
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  2. conor

    conor New Member

    relative addresses need the forward slash before such as '/path/to/file'. They can be used to include files from the root directory. If you are interested in micro-optimization then you will find that relative links perform slower than normal ones but that's just being picky! :)

    Anyway the way this is done is through using a module called ModRewrite. This only works on Linux servers but there are costly Windows equivilants. Basically with mod_rewrite you can tell the server that when someone enters 'http://domain.com/Home' that they are really looking for 'http://domain.com/home.html'.

    It is very interesting to use and there's much more you can do that just URL rewriting!
  3. craftygeek

    craftygeek New Member

    Its also known as htaccess due to the .htaccess file that you create in order to set up URL rewrites.

    htaccess is a pretty complex beast - I found a great article to get started with a while back:
    htaccess how to
  4. jenni1420

    jenni1420 New Member


    you know all index.htm or index.php or index.xxx files dosen't show in ulrs but another files not.

    all the url that include slash for example 'www.me.com/one' have folder with that name after / in example one and if you have an index.xxx on that folder nothing displaied like http://www.domain.com/hosting/

    if you have problem in relative addresing I can help you too.
  5. anna

    anna New Member


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