Good Email Server....


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I have one client that consistently has problems with their pop3 email. The web hosting is fine, its just the email that has issues. Not sure if I should totally move their domain to another host provider with better reliable email service, or should I just set them up with email hosting somewhere else?

thanks for any advise with this!



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Well, for awhile, since they are on a shared server, they got blacklisted because of someone else's spamming who shared the server (at least that is how i understand it). That happened about 3 times, and each time it took days to get them back on the white list. Now there was an error on the email server that had to be corrected, and they didn't get their mail for a few days - they are getting upset. Rightly so. They are a business and email is important, so ... trying to figure out what to do.


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That's one problem when business owners think that using hosting providers that sell to anybody and everybody will save money.

It's now almost as cheap to run a small VPS for business needs as it is to buy shared hosting.