Dreamweaver MX Local ASP.NET Testing Server

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Wynnefield, May 7, 2005.

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  1. Wynnefield

    Wynnefield New Member

    ok, i have followed all the instructions i can find and all the macromedia tutorials and manuals available; however, each time i try to preview an ASP page in IE or Firefox, it asks if i want to save or download rather than displaying the page by serving the ASP code locally ... please help ...

    i have the following specs:

    Windows XP Pro with IIS installed
    Dreamweaver MX 7.0

    ..in DW, Testing Server defined as follows:

    Server model: ASP.NET VB
    Access: Local/Network
    Testing server folder: c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\pm\

    URL prefix: http://localhost/pm/

    i "put" the entire site on the testing server, switched to testing server mode, and selected "Preview in Browswer" (this occurs with IE and Firefox). after the browser opens, i receive a prompt to open or save the file. when i choose "open", rather than rendering the page in the browswer, it opens the ASP.NET code in the MS Development Environment ...

    what am i doing wrong?? any help would be appreciated to this ASP.NET newbie ... thank you
  2. Wynnefield

    Wynnefield New Member

    ok, so where are the IIS folks around here?? ... :confused:
  3. Wynnefield

    Wynnefield New Member

    i finally figured out what was wrong. i had set up my web sites in subfolders (like i always do when building from scratch); however, the javascript calls were assuming all items were in the root directory. after i re-routed the structure, everything viewed just fine in test and production ...

    thank you for listening to me ramble ... :cool:

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