Are there no "Big Name" web design agencies?


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I live in NYC where there are plenty of big ad/marketing companies, and tons of web design companies, but I can't seem to find the so called "microsoft" or "apple" of web design agencies. there are just thousands of seemingly small to medium size companies that occasionally win awards.

Are there any well known design agencies that new web design outfits can look to as competition to beat? Is it even possible for a web design company to grow to the size of some of the bigger names in tech?


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Why would you want to 'beat' a 'big name company', just because they are 'big' doesn't mean they are 'good'.

Apple and M$ are evidence of that


I call that a win for the industry.

I would have to agree with this statement.

There are no "Big" companies out there because unfortunately this market is so over saturated 1 man companies and other small businesses and its getting to the point where people are using the free website building sites that it seems as there's no room for 1 or 2 dominant companies when web design is basically the same thing... not much to set yourself apart. We all follow the principals... Its kind of like saying i need to find someone who's the best with the Pythagorean theorem... its the same rule across the board...

now the differences lie in the finer details. Customer Service, Promptness, Availability and things like that.

But I can Tell you If Ron were to build a site, I was to Build a site, and chris were to build a site, there would be minor coding differences but the principals would all be the same. So it's kind of hard to be #1 and the biggest name in the world when everyone who knows what their doing is following the same principals.