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    Finally, You Now Have A Chance To Profit From Facebook's Multi-Billion Dollar Gaming Network With 30 FB Game Apps You Can Own & Resell Over & Over For 100% Profits

    Just Like Zynga, Makers of Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Cafe World That Generate Millions Of Dollars In Profits On Average In Any Given Month

    "We expected music, location based services, and travel (to add the most value to the Facebook ecosystem) -- but the biggest surprise so far has been games."
    - Mark Zuckerberg
    CEO of Facebook

    Dear friend,

    Facebook games are either created by big companies with massive budget to pay their in-house game developers, designers, and programmers or cheaply outsourced by big time entrepreneurs to workers in Russia, India, or the Philippines but whatever the case may be, each game would cost from as low as $1,000 to as much as millions of US dollars. Per game.

    Now, you can get a piece of this multi-billion dollar pie with 30 Facebook Game Apps That You Can Sell or Make Money From For 100% Profits With An Unbelievably Low, One-Time Investment!

    Before, only big companies like Zynga were the only ones benefiting from Facebook's games and applications and making millions in the process.

    It's about time that the little guys like you and me strike back and make money by offering free games and earn from virtual goods and online advertising.

    With your own game apps, you can now finally earn money from Facebook users and advertisers by offering premium products, your own or even affiliate products. You can even sell advertising spaces to businesses.

    It's a global knowledge that Facebook games have been very addictive to online users and earn passive income for their owners.

    So you see, gamers share the games through their Facebook walls and even invite their friends to play with them. This feature on Facebook helps game owners to promote their games virally within this social website which now has more than 250 Million users.

    Here's how you can make money from these game apps:

    1.) Resell them to businesses or individuals who'd like to launch their game apps on Facebook
    2.) Install them and invite friends to play them. You make money when people click and buy from your ads displayed in the game app's interface. You do not even need a product to do this. Just pick up an appropriate affiliate program and copy and paste your affiliate link or snippets.
    3.) Alternately, you can sell ad spaces to businesses. If there are sufficient number of people playing your game businesses will literally beg you for ad spaces.
    4.) Resell this package to your mailing list. Many of your subscribers would surely see opportunities as mentioned above with these game apps. You have resale rights to this package.


    Installing your FB game app is very straightforward and requires no prior experience. You will need the following:

    1.) A Facebook account. The chances are you already have this!
    2.) A webhosting account
    3.) A domain name.
    4.) An ftp program.

    If you know how to FTP, you can install these games on your server (Step-by-Step Installation instructions in PDF are included). If not you can get someone to install them for you. Note installation of these games is very quick and simple. You should not be spending more than $5 for a freelancer's installation fee for each game.


    To reiterate, included in the FB Games Wholesaler package are:

    * Thirty (30) ready-made, ready-to-install Flash game apps (PHP/HTML)
    * "FB Games Installation Guide" (PDF) with graphical instructions
    * FREE UPGRADE to Resell Rights so you can sell all 30 games!

    This package is made very affordable at just a few bucks per game for the first 100 buyers. The entire package is just $5.50 but goes up to $97 after the first 100 puchasers. "The Facebook market is believed as a huge market which is not easily saturated so even if 100 people own the same game apps, they can easily grab a big slice of the Facebook pie."

    To grab this entire FB Games Wholesaler package for a one-time low investment of...



    This could be the easiest decision any smart entrepreneur would make. For this low price, this is a no-brainer offer. You will also get the FREE UPGRADE to Resell Rights so you can resell the 30 game apps and keep 100% of the profits.


    The games will not be hosted on your server. They are remotely hosted. THis will allow people who use hosts like Hostgator to use this as well.

    The price for this may increase at any time. This is an introductory offer.
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    umm.. is this a good deal..?

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