1. T

    Small Business Marketing Firm Website Design Reviews

    Hello, A friend and myself or starting a branding/web design company geared towards small to medium sized companies. She has a website already and I have been in the process of creating one of my own. Could you please review both websites and let me know what look / feel you think works best...
  2. A

    logo feedback needed

    Hi! I’m a newbie here and I need your help. Here is a new logo of my website, a new one because a few days ago we changed it. The company is offering writing services connected with resume, CV, so it was rather difficult to make a notable logo and I need...
  3. Oweaponx

    Review my WordPress site. Feedback?

    Hello, all. This is my site: What I'm most interested in information or content reviews. The main area is Invoice Factoring, under "Financial Options;" providing brokering services. Is the info sufficient for people, to want to use me to broker their invoices to...
  4. M

    Review the site please

    Hello! Here is my site What do you think about its design?