1. L

    List by ID in Order !!

    Hello... I-m trying to do the following !! Listing data in the table !! I would like....if the list has 4 rows..whetever the ID list is..make the ID list 1 2 3 4 !! Example.....if have a list with ID 1 3 3...make stay 1 2 3 !! Follow the try next: echo "<table class='tabela_dados' border='1'>...
  2. PHPSecure

    Checking PHP code for vulnerabilities

    Hey PHP developers! We’re a team of passionate PHP users, and we’ve launched a free PHP vulnerability scanner. It detects SQL injections, XSS, command injections, and more. We’re in beta, and it would be extremely helpful to get feedback from a more professional audience. Please check it here -...
  3. J

    Help please...

    Hi everyone, am having problems validating Ignitiondeck on my wordpress account which is hosted by 1and1. When I click the validate button it doesn't do anything which means I cant select my commerce platform. Any ideas ?
  4. M

    JavaScript or PHP?

    If I want to build a dynamic website, should I use JavaScript or PHP? Which one is better?
  5. K

    How to extract data from multiple text files and insert into mysql?

    Trying to inset data from multiple text files into a mysql database. All text files are in same directory. All text files contain 9 lines of data. Each line is a separate field in the database. Dir layout phpscript.php data txt.files.txt This is what I have so far... <!DOCTYPE html...