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  1. ian

    What is the best SEO strategy for 2020?

    The same strategy that has been around since the past ten years, build quality content that people keep coming back to.
  2. ian

    How to rank a website in least time possible through SEO?

    Create great content that people will refer on social media and will want to naturally link to And create content whereby your site is a destination as opposed to something only frequented by people who visit google Focus on quality content and let seo take care of itself
  3. ian

    Google Indexing You can try google webmaster tools You can submit your sitemap and check how your site is being indexed
  4. ian

    Please review my site

    It's a nice design, it renders well on a mobile
  5. ian

    Oh ooh, think I'll close my account now, ...

    I know it is old news but $26.2 billion dollars is an insane amount of money for a company which I think was making a net loss in income.
  6. ian

    Health Website Design - help me

    The page was a bit busy, I viewed it on my mobile and there was a fairly large chunk of space occupied with details. Of the weather in the USA, I think this is irrelevant to a dental website.
  7. ian

    General Chat

    I need to fix the permissions. It was set that only members with ten posts could post in general chat, but since the site changed to xenforo, I dont think people are automatically upgraded to the Registered10 usergroup which enables them to post in that area. The same applies to the offers section.
  8. ian

    Please review my site

    not really a fan of having just images only on the homepage the site generally looks professional, but I would prefer content similar to one of the sub pages to appear on the homepage.
  9. ian

    Post edit button, .... ....

    the link to edit a post usually appears below your signature. I take it, there is no edit option for you?
  10. ian

    Please review my site

    I like it a lot, I like the light colours, looks very professional. Only thing I would change is look for a shorter domain if one is available.
  11. ian

    Review the site please

    way too many graphics on the homepage, and it took a bit longer than was acceptable for the main page to load. these days people want a site to appear instantly
  12. ian

    Redesigned a Nursing Home Website

    I think the site looks really nice. Not a fan of the domain name, I would try for a .com domain And also I think the navigation menu, when you hover over the text, I think that text should be a darker colour, the light grey does not look right.
  13. ian

    Please review my site

    Too much black on the homepage, perhaps not a good colour choice if you want to attract paying clients. No text on the homepage, not sure how good that is for seo, and I hate any sort of sound on a website unless I click on a video.
  14. ian

    What control panel is the best?

    Cpanel is one of the most popular Control panels in the Web hosting industry. It gets the job done.
  15. ian

    Best SEO Steps

    Mobile search rankings matter, on my sites they make up more than 20% of all traffic and growinggrowing, google has been pushing the importance of optimising for mobile for a long time now. As to page speed affecting rankings, this is an interesting article...
  16. ian

    Best SEO Steps

    Saying accessibility has nothing to do with seo, may not be entirely true. I am not sure what they are referring to by accessibility, but if your site takes forever to load a page, chances are it will not rank well in google. Also I think google has said that sites which are not mobile...
  17. ian

    I need feedback on the free design on my site?

    I don't proclaim to have any knowledge about how things work with Google, they do tend to keep things secret after their fiasco with pager and and people buying and selling links based on page rank and thus polluting their results. I am just thinking out loud on what might be some of the things...
  18. ian

    I need feedback on the free design on my site?

    That's a good point, unless you use google analytics they possibly can't measure it. I guess they may be able to get some information when you search in google and click on that site as a return visitor. They may possibly be able to get some information from the google adsense code. In any...
  19. ian

    I need feedback on the free design on my site?

    I don't think revenue is the primary motivating site for all webmasters, I run a non profit site (not this one) where my primary motivating factor is not money, but then I do use the number of subscribers to measure success. I would be wary of any tools from third party providers trying to...
  20. ian

    I need feedback on the free design on my site?

    I didnt know that PA/DA was a page authority / domain authority. I have never used it before and probably would not use it. What is the basis for saying that tool is utterly useless?