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    Can't find account page

    thanks - eh voila!
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    TUTORIAL: Using Floats (Floating Divs)

    I've never really liked floated elements as they take an element out of the flow and then I have to do something else to make them behave as if they were in the flow. That said, they are the best option for stacking columns when you want each column to have the same width and not get affected by...
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    Can't find account page

    Just wanted to upload an avatar and when I clicked on got a no found.
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    Report Spam Thread
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    Heat Maps etc

    Thought I'd share something useful we've come across recently. Yandex provide free analytical tools such as heat maps and form conversion analysis whereas inspectlet, optimisely et al charge. Have a look at and specifically for heat maps. Not bad for free...
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    Policy on web updates for new clients?

    Sort of on the subject of what happens after the website goes live. I think it's important to set some key objectives for a client account based on their sector and business model. Give it a timetable and think about what needs to be done to develop the client account and improve their online...
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    Hosting (Clean wipe and fresh start?)

    I doubt it will let you delete all those directories but don't try. locate the usual wp files (wp-admin, wp-content etc.) and just delete them.
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    Web designer question

    Most of the themes on themeforest are by designers for designers - not customers. I had one theme which required pasting html into the widgets - well if we're going to get a client to do that, why not just give them a code editor and bob et ton oncle.
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    "Nudge" in website

    Can't see any nudge using Firefox.
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    Website specifications

    Sound's like the story of my life :)
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    Website specifications

    It's surprising the number of clients that think it's our job to create a specification. In effect they think it's up to us to write down what they want instead of them writing down what they want. I've posted an article here which should help those potential clients to write down their...
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    Webdesign You Like It

    Is it supposed to be responsive?
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    Equity Partner Needed

    If it HAS unlimited potential get a loan of the bank/investment. Why would you want to partner with a complete stranger?
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    Web Design business owner and completely lost...

    Vague statement so qualify please. Physical networking? Telesales?
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    Web Design business owner and completely lost...

    Yes - because SEO is a new business generator. Once we get the new business through SEO we get repeat business of it & recurring income. So looking at our income last year - 80% of it came from our existing clients. However 90% of those clients originally came to us through SEO. If SEO stopped...
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    Web Design business owner and completely lost...

    Totally disagree assuming that above means 'promoting yourself through online channels is a mug's game'. If that's the case, the only thing I'll say is it has totally worked for us. Good rankings for search terms relevant to our services brings us in abut 80% of our new business.
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    project planning tool

    That seems like quite a nice alternative to Basecamp ...
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    project planning tool

    That looks pretty good - do you use it?
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    It's worse than that, ...

    I'm an actor, I can do Shakespeare! 'To be or not to be me up scotty.' - damn!