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    Remove Account

    No I just no longer come on here much.
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    Remove Account

    Is there anyway a moderator could remove my account please?
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    SEO For YouTube?

    No it wont. That is like saying my website is good enough or my blog is good enough I dont have to promote it. Youtube videos become popular due to people sharing it.
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    Tools of the Trade

    I have started to look into Grunt, I have it installed its just trying to find time to learn how to use it. Sublime Text is brilliant, its probably the best tool for code. I have started to divulge into PHP a little more and also JS Libraries such as Node.JS and Anglar.JS. Another popular tool...
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    Please help a confused newbie.

    Before doing anything sit down with a pen and paper and sketch each of your pages out. Then create a sitemap of how your pages will be linked. Think of it as a flow chart. So you can visualise how people will use your site. The most important thing is not the design but the users and how...
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    SEO For YouTube?

    You could add keywords in the title as mentioned and also a link to your website in the description.
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    SASS and LESS

    I agree that you should learn CSS first then maybe look into SASS. I know a few who love to use SASS and wont go back to CSS. I suppose it depends on the project as I tend to do CSS as I find it quicker personally. But you can write some great semantic code with a preprocessor.
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    SASS and LESS

    Just a general thought on peoples opinions on SASS and LESS. Do you use them? Do you prefer using them as oppose to using good old CSS.
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    Client acquisition – what are you doing?

    Offer something unique, something different than your competition, or better yet find a niche market.
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    Future of Websites

    I do totally sympathize with you on this it seems that everyone is now demanding some js libaries
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    Future of Websites

    Just a general question. I know Responsive sites are all the range at the moment but do you think with the latest increase in JS such as Angular, Node and Backbone etc do you think websites will be made with these languages?
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    How to receive client content

    I usually ask for all the content whilst writing the brief and sending the wireframes over. The last thing I want to do is wait weeks for content.
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    Gumby Framework

    I have to agree with you on that.
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    Gumby Framework

    I agree with you Little Ego. I like Bootstrap personally but Foundation can be useful too. I just find that its good to have a few different frameworks that maybe of some use.
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    Premium Themes

    I understand that you provide a service for which you get paid, that is obvious. What I am on about is providing the client something within their budget, so you take a little less than you usually charge, but you gain a client that is happy.
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    Premium Themes

    Premium Themes are a good option for companies that cannot afford a custom themes from an agency. They are a good option as not everything should be about money.
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    One of the worst sites ever

    Wow. I am speechless! :eek:
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    You could try this interactive website it has some really good tutorials and explanations:
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    Ever get this vague feedback? - "Your approach was not what we were looking for"

    Most companies I know of use a Code Editor such as Sublime Text. A better way of doing your bullet points would have been: <ul> <li>Item1</ul> <li>Item2</li> </ul>
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    What is the best approach

    I would go with Wordpress over Joomla, but that is a personal preference. I am sure there is a template online for what you require. Try themeforest, they have some excellent ones.