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    How much do you love this site?

    Technically this is my competitor's site ;). I just never seen anything like this and it goes against everything I know about design, SEO and conversion optimization.
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    How much do you love this site?

    Yea, looks like fun project for portfolio. When I got to the site I knew what it will be about and still it took me about 20 seconds to figure out what is going on, way past 6-8 seconds it takes usual visitor to bounce.
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    How much do you love this site? Just wondering what people think about such unconventional concept.
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    SEO for domain move

    I'm just not sure how to respond to statements that don't make sense, that's all. Yes there is, average conversion rate between all e-commerce sites on "The Internets" is about 2%. Yes, 98% miss the target but I don't pay a penny for it, since it is organic.
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    SEO for domain move

    Are you trolling me? Standard 2-5%
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    SEO for domain move

    It got to the first page within two weeks after the website was created.
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    SEO for domain move

    Before EMD update there was no content at all and it started ranking on the first page without any optimization at all, just few links from more or less good sites. Now it ranks number 1 and it does have good on-page optimization, however the content is not of a great quality. When you check...
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    SEO for domain move

    :) Then how would you explain the fact that one of my EMD sites ranks first for quite competitive keyword and raising for other related keywords?
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    Need to optimize a Site?

    That's some funny stuff there.... Thanks for giving me a good laugh.
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    SEO for domain move

    I'm not sure why you changed your domain name, thefreegamesdb has a keyword in it, which is a major factor for SEO. 1. Maybe, it has a keyword in the name so you should see some positive movement in rankings. However, if it will give you your pre-change traffic is $64000 question.... It...
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    Looking for professional critique

    Thanks a lot, I'll think more about improving pages with content. Maybe some nice, thematic images will make it better.
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    YOUR opinion on website

    I wonder when they will catch up to a fact that links from forums and blog comments in best case scenario will be unnoticed by Google.... In worst - the website they promote will be penalized....
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    Need some helpful criticisms on my new site.

    You have to figure out what is the primary purpose for the site. If it is a purchase from your shop section then you'll have to optimize it for purchasing (which will involve taking down all ads). If it is informational, then put more content and more ads. It looks like your site is gaining...
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    Looking for critique!

    It is a cute site (just as ronaldroe said), not sure what it is all about, though...
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    New site-Feedback required

    Too much action going on before the fold. Images look nice but even after 5 minutes spent on the site I've struggled to understand what the site is about... After I clicked on something (I assume it was a town or an island, still trying to figure out) the landing page looked very nice. However...
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    Local Steakhouse

    It's ugly and unprofessional but it made me feel like dancing :). If that was the reason the website was created then the goal was achieved :).
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    Looking for professional critique Does my design suck or does it epically suck ? :) Feel yourself free to throw as many rotten tomatoes as your grandma saved for such an occasion.