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    What is the most efficient way to design a website

    I am about to create my first website and was wondering if I should start with the CSS file first or just start working on the lower rungs of the homepage. I guess my question is should I start from the top up (starting with CSS file) and work my way down or should I go from the bottom to the...
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    Anyone know of anywhere online that can explain how to make a contact form?

    Do you have to have php in order to make a contact page for a website or can you do it just using hmtl? And also I need the code for a contact page for a website (just how to make the box where people enter their email address and a summary box as well). Bonus points if you have a source...
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    Cannot get my IDE to run correctly

    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if I have a php server running on local host, so I guess that means I do not. How would I do that... Or can you point me to a website that could explain how to if you don't want to write it all?
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    Cannot get my IDE to run correctly

    I just downloaded Eclipse for PHP (used the zend website to do it) and every time I try to run a php I get an error that says "This program cannot display the webpage". In the url bar it says "http://localhost/h/index.php" when I click the run button which is when I get the error. "h" is the...
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    301 redirect is not working in .htaccess file

    the homepage redirects to regardless of which version you put into the address bar (eg or Every other page redirects to I would like them all to go to the (for homepage) and...
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    301 redirect is not working in .htaccess file

    Can anyone tell me why the below 301 redirect is not working. I want to have it so any web pages with a .php at the end or http at the beginning get redirected to the version that would be the format of (not really the name of my website) All off the code I have in my htaccess...