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    Email Testing with Litmus

    Hey everyone, I'm testing some email templates using Litmus and I was wondering about how much I can trust its accuracy. I have a very cleanly coded email that looks fine when I paste the code in Litmus to do the testing. However, if I put the code in a mailchimp template file (where...
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    Bootstrap Grid System -- Is it too constrictive?

    Hi All, If I'm using Bootstrap 3 on a project, as you know, it has a wonderful grid system. But, what if the PSDs used to design the site's layout were not created with Bootstrap in mind? For example, margins between elements are different, and column widths seem to need adjusting almost on...
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    Web Ticket Systems

    Hi everyone, I wasn't sure how many of you work with dev teams vs working freelance, but I thought I'd throw something here so fish for a response. My team has been using project management software (Wrike), to control its web dev projects. The problem is a lot of projects/issues arise...
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    Responsive Web Design

    Where did I say that? I'm merely talking about TWO... at a a max TWO, versions that pull from the same DB. Here's a comment. It's rather obvious from your question that you are very amateur in respect to this game. Had you known more, you wouldn't have asked the question.
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    SEO question

    It's given an edge.
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    Responsive Web Design

    A zillion? Over-estimate much? More like 2. How is that not an option? Ported = to whatever device the users may be using the most. Here's my opinion -> for standard, static sites, the ones with images and text that we can construct in a day, responsive is fine. If you think you're going to...
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    Responsive Web Design

    I utilize responsive design as a full time job, but I think anyone who says it's essential is mistaken. Consider this. Even though you have certain elements set to display: none; at certain @media query instances, that content still loads on mobile devices. Also it tends to make your site a...
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    Thoughts on Twitter Bootstrap

    I disagree with some of the above posts. If you're working on a small-scale website, then yes, avoid it. If you're working on an enormous website (e.g. eCommerce site that requires responsive design, some common JS functions, a set of icons) then there's no reason not to use it. It's JS...
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    file download progress visualisation

    Ok. I've had it up to here (pointing very high) with people who think that anyone can do web development. Phreaddee happens to be a very talented person and an asset to this forum. Now for everyone that is too pussy to mention the big elephant in the room, I will. "Your son is not stealing...
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    Dreamweaver CC

    Notepad++ or Eclipse. DW is slacking. -Hazey
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    jpg as an email newsletter?

    Using just an image as your newsletter is the easiest way to have it flagged as spam. You need the actual content in there. -Hazey
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    Background Layout strategy?

    The old fluid vs responsive question... Here's my main question -- what's going to be in that left column, and how important is it? The reason why I ask is because any fluid or responsive system will have the center and right columns collapse under the left one. You probably wouldn't want your...
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    help with the music

    You would have to load your page content via AJAX (while always keeping the header intact to play the music), and then use a bit of JS for the functionality. You'd need to setup your videos with a div with a particular class wrapped around them. Then use JS to detect if that class is present on...
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    Responsive Web Design/HTML& CSS3 Book

    lolz... good point I didn't even think people learn such things via books anymore. Usually a few youtube tutorials would be sufficient. If I were you, I would download a site theme that is responsive, using html5, and css3. Then just use firebug to poke around the styling applied to the...
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    Two Questions. (+Karma)

    The background images on your homepage slideshow are near 500k. Consider reducing them down to around 160k.
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    best laptop, design career?

    I fell into the same mistake. You know SSDs shrink over time, right? I would get a highly customized dell. The best way to get a discount is to simply start up a chat on the dell website, and tell them exactly what you need. I happened to get $550 off my order when the person said I'd be...
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    Tip from an ignoramus... you know... the people you cater to.

    The older style popup windows can be useful in some places, and very annoying in others. It all depends on what you use them for. Studies have shown that users are more likely to share information (like signing up to a newsletter) when the form is within a popup rather than on its own page...
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    Responsive websites

    Learning responsive on your own just means learning @media queries, floats, margins, and percentages -- it's not a huge thing. I say to use bootstrap because you can learn by great example. As long as someone can use firebug well they can discover responsiveness very easily by exploring how...
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    Responsive websites

    Just install Bootstrap and learn its grid system. You're good to go.
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    CSS3 transition effect problem.

    Do you have a link or are you working with local files?