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    A new way to loose your Google Adsense

    Yes, this happens, If you are promoting some affiliate products/services with your website, it is always better not to stick with ONE, go for more. Because, even if one affiliate is dropped, your effort and investment will not be wasted as you have another affiliate product/services to send...
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    How do I advertise my web design services?

    Yes, I agree with that BLUE text above, that is suitable and should be adopted by any business to be clear crystal in projects... :) I would suggest, getting top results on Google for your related keywords like Your local area + web design, Your local area + web designer, Your local area +...
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    Your favourite website?

    Facebook, pInterest, Google and youTube are my favourite other than my own sites :)
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    how to get sales in affiliate programs?

    It is better to create a website and promoting the affiliate products/services from the website really great idea. Then do SEO to the website but not exactly to the affiliate links, as many websites do not allow affiliate links to be posted on their websites in-order to get backlinks.
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    Beta Testers Needed ----Personalized news updates for Web Professionals

    It is great idea Daniel. If you can have some tutorials for Web designers other than industry top news, that will be useful for newbies to web-design as well, that helps you attract more target audience.
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    Affiliate Program

    That seems pretty amazing site to work with. At the moment, I have plan to setup a blog related to that niche on and earn :) Let's test...
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    best affiliate network?

    Amazon is best for me, I heard many of my friends said, Clickbank is not good at these days, they are not genuine. But I have no idea on how far it is true about Clickbank as I never tried it.
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    These days, I do not think that there is connection between PR and SERP. Even low PR pages ranking well than high PR pages in SERP. So, you do not have to worry about drop of your PR. It may be due to your recent backlinks or may be your content is not unique or etc. In between, It is good...