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  1. Dewlance

    how do i use a seo with a forum

    Content is king, If you will write lot of useful content with targeted keyword and content match with title then you can achieve your requirements.
  2. Dewlance

    Please review my site

    Your site is in different language but design look clean and lightweight. Its a nice website. No improvement required.
  3. Dewlance

    Responsive Web Design

    You only need to use code in CSS like 100% or code in percent instead of fixed size. For example: width: 80% instead of width:1000px; Hope you understand.
  4. Dewlance

    a good webhost - what is that?

    First look for some good company, Check their response time and If response is good and uptime record is good then chose them. Its not so easy but it will take only 1 week to check various company support system.
  5. Dewlance

    How to check which Keyword has more traffic?

    There is a google trend website which show keyword search history with graph and its easy to use.
  6. Dewlance

    SEO For YouTube?

    I focus on title, description and main thing is content. If your content is not interesting then title can't help you to much to get more visits. Other is lot of keyword.
  7. Dewlance

    Copying files without a ftp cliant

    SCP, rsync is a alternative which can help you to copy file or use "cp" command (without quota)
  8. Dewlance

    Can you make money from ads with a wordpress blog?

    Very useful question, If your blog get good traffic then I prefer to purchase at lest some paid domain tld which cost you less then $5 per year. It will increase a value and trust in advertiser.
  9. Dewlance

    Please review my site

    I can't find any other word then "Awesome". Very nice design, look like a world of childhood fairy tale. I don't know how you design a super awesome images. Very nice site.
  10. Dewlance

    Recommend a U.S. based host?

    I never recommended to use any domain registrar for hosting purpose. Its better to chose small company instead of domain register else you will regret. I really don't know why peoples even discuss about godaddy for hosting. Check their history. The vulnerability was reported to GoDaddy on...
  11. Dewlance

    What control panel is the best?

    Best control panel for customer is cPanel and other panels are Direct Admin, Site Worx and VirtualMin(Free). cPanel is best because of its so easy to use it and automation of many thing like creating DNS record. In other panel its hard to create some services or you need to do lot of things but...
  12. Dewlance

    What is the best host for running wordpress?

    No one is best but you can look at offer section or google. I chose hosting by filtering some small hosting company then I select some host by pricing or quality and then I monitor their server for 1 week and also check ticket response time. If everything is fine then I chose them.
  13. Dewlance

    Best SEO Steps

    I think directory submission is no longer useful specially on free directory and If your site is listed with 100 urls then it will be a negative point.
  14. Dewlance

    Please review my site

    Site is clean and light weight, open quickly but first time I was confused since I did not understand your default site language but I look at a logo which show a option to open site in english language. Try to use some automated tool for automatically switching language by IP detection/Country...
  15. Dewlance

    What are the best tools useful for Web Designing?

    I agree with you, I am newbie in web design but first I was try to learn it by paper and pencil. If you can draw good design or art on paper then it will be very useful for drawing it on software. OP: I use Photoshop and my friend use After effect and many more tools for design, animation and...