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    Wordpress Article in SEO

    Could you please explain your detail requirement, maybe I can help you?
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    Photoshop, or Paint.NET?

    Photoshop is the best images editing software for multiple purpose. Using this applications, you can create amazing design within minutes.
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    Internet Marketing books

    I never read internet marketing books. I just learn about internet marketing through internet too :). A lot of source that you can found about internet marketing, and you just choose the best ones.
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    Recommend a U.S. based host?

    If you want to looking for best hosting provider in the US, you can try hosting that provide technology. One of the best hosting provider will give you complete features is webhost for
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    Learn PHP

    If you want to learn about PHP, start from basic, intermediate, or advance, you can refer this site info Hope above URL can give you inspiration to learn about PHP so you can become PHP expert.
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    Let me know what you think

    Good design and fast loading website. You can improve some section so that all appearance will be more unique.
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    Wp seo plugin list

    I have one more powerful premium SEO plugin and this have been give me a lot of benefits, that plugin is EASY WP SEO. You can optimize this plugin if you combine with SEO service company.
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    People Hate My Logo

    I think you should improve your logo design for the best appearance.
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    Web Design : Beginners

    A lot of source you can found through internet. For more complete, you can try some web design forums.
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    Amazon vs Others

    If you promote Amazon affiliate program, you should have more website and get huge of traffics.
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    How to get real Data Entry Jobs from Home?

    I have one legit site for freelance, that is Try it and get a lot of job if you have portfolio.
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    I have visit your site. If you wish, you should be improve your main page, especially in header navigation and position. Also, ads placement is should be change the location.
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    I need some Graphic Design Software

    For the best result if you want vector based as your design, corel draw is the best one to try. You can use latest version of this software for the best features.
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    review my logos plz

    I have visit your site, and I think your site logo is very very professional. Nice site.
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    <Body> Background Advice Needed ! ! ! !

    To get the best background, I think you should be try with various images. This is very important for you if you want to getting the best ones using some images you try.
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    IXWebHosting ?

    If you want to use hosting service, its recommended to looking for review about the company, so you can decide to use the best one of hosting company.
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    built in SEO??

    If you want to get good performance SEO, I think natural SEO is the best way to improve your site rank, especially on major search engine. But for combination the result, its allowed to use built in SEO, but remember, don't too over using this method.
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    How to get real Data Entry Jobs from Home?

    Thanks for sharing your about freelancing job from home. I will try to register on them.
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    How do I prepare SEO reports?

    You can try Google Analytics. Inside this tools, you can updating daily and weekly traffics report, also another parameter to check it the web performance.
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    What is your opinion on AJAX-based websites?

    Website based AjAx is depend with purpose will be optimize. For special features, Ajax is not good performance to try. If you want to maximize your website performance, you can try another web application.