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  1. reverseengineer

    Basic HTML

    I would just make these with PHP. There are a trillion tutorials online!
  2. reverseengineer

    What Languages do I need for this task...

    For this I would use Drupal or Joomla!, try to find a module/component that does something close to this and then see how much customization it will require. Custom coding is obviously the bets way to go but will cost most and take longer.
  3. reverseengineer

    THE best advice on SEO EVER!!!!!

    I need to add to this: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. There is no "SEO degree" to be earned. It all comes with practice and INTUITION. :)
  4. reverseengineer

    website feedback

    BTW, I know it will take some time to get around to it. Think in terms of helping people, first, not in terms of how much popularity your site could get. It will all come around if you do.
  5. reverseengineer

    website feedback

    I agree with comma-it. Not only what he says: How much effort will you put into this project to be successful? You want it to be successful, right? Design is just the start and it looks like you have a really good concept. Think about features now that NO ONE has. :)
  6. reverseengineer

    Is it possible to do a fading image slideshow with THESE limitations?

    I would usually begin searching for jQuery solutions to this. What about Nivo Slider?
  7. reverseengineer

    Basic Dreamweaver question

    BTW, I have to agree with Phreaddee: you must take the time to learn. I think, once again, that practice is what makes you best. Working with Dreamweaver is not a bad choice at all: just get some HTML (preferably HTML5) and CSS (preferably CSS3) books and read them. It is really helpful. But...
  8. reverseengineer

    Basic Dreamweaver question

    Practice Makes Masters Wow, give the guy a chance! Practicing is the way to learn. :)
  9. reverseengineer

    Getting ripped off by clients

    You probably aren't going to see the money. Sorry, sad truth. I always do the 1/3 rule. Third down, third at the half-way point then the final payment when I'm done. Sorry yo, live and learn I guess.
  10. reverseengineer

    Australia Sucks!

    Come live here!
  11. reverseengineer

    Hey...I'm New!

    Honestly, I think the design is pretty damn good. The pages however take forever to load.
  12. reverseengineer

    "Boring" Website

    Lots of dead space below the fold. Are they okay with that?
  13. reverseengineer

    Website Review

    Still under construction?
  14. reverseengineer

    New Website & Control Panel

    Seems pretty straight forward. Sidenote: I always see live chat implemented into sites but I never see anyone online ever. I feel that this widget is one of the most overdone application and unless it is imperative to have, I'd lose it. If they want to get a-hold of you, they will find a way.
  15. reverseengineer

    Joke of the day!

    lol. very true.
  16. reverseengineer

    Blog helps SERP and better SEO?

    Did you guys read about the appendages made to google Panda right? Anchor text may change very soon.
  17. reverseengineer

    Free Web Directory

    Very clean and straight forward. Your tab needs an icon. Is this site live? Because I clicked around and most come back with zero search results.
  18. reverseengineer

    A website review

    Images are stretched and not good. Make larger. Where is the content if this is a website designed to overcome cancer? I'd consider doing a little SEO research and find the best searched terms that you can focus on because there a lot of cancers out there. Good luck.
  19. reverseengineer

    Personal Web design - what do you think?

    Consider moving this site to improve SEO. Also, your tab header reads just as a bunch of numbers. I see that you are considering moving it to a registered domain. Looking forward to seeing that as well. Kudos.
  20. reverseengineer

    Website Design for World's First Non-Profit Pub

    Interesting. I like it very much. Design wise it's great. Might be time to get that blog going though.