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  1. RAJO

    What do you think of LinkedIn??

    I hear its the next social network is that true ??
  2. RAJO

    Mobile Design - CSS Question

    are you on a server or not ??
  3. RAJO

    Tell me what you think (new site)

    i think you need more color in your website, i agree it is a little boring
  4. RAJO

    Allowing users to edit and export a pdf

    change what is used to open with, open with Microsoft word
  5. RAJO

    [newbie ask] can you help me setting my site ?

    well maybe the problem is in buying the wrong script , try seeing what goes with your site then buy the script
  6. RAJO

    My new web hosting website

    well , i think your website it fine maybe you just need some traffic to get it up and moving
  7. RAJO

    Top Creative Mag

    i like it very much but maybe you could change the colors a little instead of the black it could be grey (dark)
  8. RAJO

    What is your favourite pc video games and why?

    i like speed, car racing, i always wonder how it feels to be sitting there in an actual race match
  9. RAJO

    Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox no question about it
  10. RAJO

    Bing Versus Google

    google , google , google , and once more without a doubt google, bing gets on my nervous whenever i search through it
  11. RAJO

    New site up - What do you think?

    i think its fine for your first site , did you make it all on your own ??
  12. RAJO

    Content is spilling out of the Div

    First basic few steps in building a webpage 1. Gather and collect content. 2. Organize the content into meaningful semantic valid HTML 3. Design the prototype 4. Style using CSS
  13. RAJO

    lets play!!!

    yourjingltrashcoupletrees from this word you see try making one word out of it
  14. RAJO

    How to reproduce IE Issues - Need tools Suggestion

    if internet explorer crashes on you then you should disable add ons, reset the setting,scan for malware, and install the latest update and if it is still having a problem then upgrade to a different web browser
  15. RAJO

    how to add upcoming events from google calendar

    i think there is an option you could work on that helps you go public so you would see its updates frequently on your page
  16. RAJO

    Trouble with font-size

    check out this website it will help you with all kinds of css attribute,,
  17. RAJO

    Wacom Tablets

    did you try checking out any reviews on how it works on youtube they have reviews for everything these days
  18. RAJO

    Photoshop CS6

    thanks i'll be sure to try it
  19. RAJO


    its fine , but you need more professional design i kind of lost you actually there a little but its nice , good luck with it
  20. RAJO

    PHOTO GALLERY for clients to update themself

    well why don't you advise him to use front page, made a gallery once it was amazing i could delete rearrange and make slideshows if i wanted , you don't have to use wordpress or dreamweaver to be on the right track you could take back to some sort of beginner level and thats fine