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    CSS issues Chrome vs FF

    You could try to add: position:relative; float: left; at all the OUT_NOW div's inside the #OUTNOW_CONTENT container.
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    iFrame vs Javascript

    I certainly would not use an Iframe.. just because there is no future for Iframes... Mobile devices like phones and tables don't work well with Iframes.
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    SEO question

    That's one of the main reasons people get flagged nowadays. If your website is just crap and it's just online because of advertisements or other shit, then Google will get you... maybe not now but in the future they will.. just stop making crap start making great websites with great...
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    New Logo, please review

    Mhhh... the lightbulb is awesome... maybe you could try to do the letters in capitals? I wonder what it would look like :O
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    re-design website

    The new version looks great. Normally i always watch out when i use a dark photo as a background, with a dark menu. Just because i get distracted fast.. but it looks way better then the old version.