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  1. AsheSkyler

    What do I need to make a simple site to post my comics?

    All WordPress comic sites I've seen still have lag because of the excessive scripting. Depending on the reader's machine and connection, some won't notice. Some may see a second or two delay. Others could be sitting there for a bit. If the different systems record entries from the database the...
  2. AsheSkyler

    What do I need to make a simple site to post my comics?

    Do NOT use WordPress! WordPress creates a lot of lag and that can drive off a lot of readers because they will already be waiting on the image to load. If you absolutely must use it, get the ComicPress or ComicEasel extension. Blogging software should never be used for a comic system. Anybody...
  3. AsheSkyler

    Browser Testing

    Aye, it is. Or the last site I found it on says it was. ITT Tech has me skittish of doing multiple virtual machines at once after three semesters of trying to run two Windows Server 2008 OS's at the same time on a computer with only 3GB RAM. Fun days, those were...
  4. AsheSkyler

    Review my first website?

    I'll give you kudos for not having a table-only layout on your first site. All pointers I would have give have already been said by everybody else. 'Cept one. "<p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>" isn't necessary if you set the margin and/or padding in the right places.
  5. AsheSkyler

    Advice Needed... Overwhelmed!

    You made it to a thousand pages before hunting a quicker method? I got lazy around fifty. PHP will be your easiest route for a quick fix using either Echo or Include. If you want a CMS, probably WordPress would be your best bet. It's pretty well known, you'd have lots of resources if you had...
  6. AsheSkyler

    Browser Testing

    If VirtualBox really is open source, I may make a permanent switch to it. VMWare was not easy to download when I had to have it for school. Open source stuff at least try to make it is bluntly obvious as possible how to get a copy of something.
  7. AsheSkyler

    Is there any way ...

    That would do it to a person.
  8. AsheSkyler

    Is there any way ...

    I have missed something... I am assuming a regular visitor of the SEO subforum has been set free?
  9. AsheSkyler

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    I like your logo! Reminds me of some doodles my grandmother used to do. No complaints. Seems like a pretty standard styled business website.
  10. AsheSkyler

    Wordpess Theme Related Question

    Why should it be too good to be true? There are a lot of themes out there that look really good that you can get for free. Makes sense to me that some nice looking themes would come cheap. Never used them. Only time I've ever used themes is on sites that don't allow you to style the page...
  11. AsheSkyler

    Browser Testing

    When you try to make your site as cross-compatible as possible, how do you go about it with older versions of some browsers? Do you use one of those sites that are supposed to email you screenshots after a certain amount of time after submitting your link? Do you keep VMWare player or some kind...
  12. AsheSkyler

    Local Portland Business Website Design

    Didn't expect the purple on the contact page, but I rather like it. The knotted forward/back buttons on the lightbox are pretty cool. Also, love the different backgrounds. They're beautiful photographs and I think they really add to each page they're on. In short, still like your stuff. You do...
  13. AsheSkyler

    Strange Proposal...

    I kind of suspect them wanting easy traffic too, which is kind of crazy if they dropped by my work history first. Ranking couldn't have been a factor since I'm not even on the top ten pages yet. Oh well, live and learn, I reckon. Might 'ave just been a specialized spambot.
  14. AsheSkyler

    Strange Proposal...

    I got an email today offering $50 for me to list somebody else's design services on my own services page. That struck me as rather odd. I've never seen an ad like that on another professionals page, at most maybe an affiliate link on a links page. Not to mention the domain the email address that...
  15. AsheSkyler

    Quotes Website Review

    The quotes aren't being given a proper spotlight with them all put together on a page, I think. Separate it out a bit, like a slideshow per category where you view one quote at a time. The "quotes by caterogry" is already on its own page, it'd be safe to remove that section from the front page...
  16. AsheSkyler

    my websites need links

    I'll disagree with it being a complete waste of time. Link exchanges can be very beneficial depending on WHAT your work is about and what your visitor is looking for. In my community (art and writing), link exchanges are prevalent because we know there is no way we alone can satisfy every...
  17. AsheSkyler

    Best program for this site...

    I think the starting price really depends on who you're ordering from. Somebody with a couple hundred clients under their belt that's been in the business for several years, yeah, they gonna be pricey. Take the kid working out of a corner of their bedroom with 3-5 years practice, it'll be a...
  18. AsheSkyler

    Web Design Tips

    I think it looks good. The only thing I think should be changed is under the About section. The bio text extends past the grey box and spills into the white around it. The rest I'd suggest changing is just my preferences. Always have a navigation bar at the top of the page, and to have a high...
  19. AsheSkyler

    lazy or what?

    ...Annnnnnd then enter the Ferengi! But, yeah, a Star Trek world would be awesome. Picking your career based on your passion instead of scrambling in misery to pay bills.
  20. AsheSkyler

    Douchbag of the year award.

    Oi... Ya know, in my perverse little brain, what I see is him realizing his code is atrocious and wants you to fix it, but is too proud to admit it. Thus, why he wants you to hack his site and rewrite it. I love the [REMOVED BY MODERATOR] part of one of his posts. Did he do that or is he that...