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    Do you think WordPress is the best CMS fo SEO?

    For what kind of website?
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    Looking for a good book on CSS3

    Try this site for info and then look a their book review page.
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    Please Review my website

    Initializr Responsive will give you the idea about how responsive sites work.
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    People Hate My Logo

    Oh, OK, now I see it. Its a kind of puzzle with a smile!
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    Anybody has experience with wordpress thesis framework?

    It looks like the whole point with this template is that you can alter the design without using CSS via Thesis Packages.
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    Please Review my website

    Who cares about the colors except for those prissy designers! Do NOT be tempted to add a page background. Your pages load too slow as it is. Any more content and it will grind to a halt. Cut the crap, keep it simple and get the message across. Fast transitions on banners are a distraction...
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    What are your concerns in developing a website for yourself?

    What are your concerns about security and why?
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    Is this really the best way?

    There is no "best way" of doing just about anything. The best way for me is not necessarily the best for you. When it comes down to the wire, we're all idiots - its just a matter of degree.
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    Input for mobile hotel website

    Here's a good page about forms for mobile devices. Learn about the specific inputs types recognized by mobiles. You need to test the form on a mobile device or simulator. iPhone, for example, substitutes its own submit button so you need to check that it looks OK on that device. The easiest...
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    Website for review

    Although I use a 24 inch screen I browse at 980px since I'm always doing something else as well. I put CSS before JS and use a separate stylesheet for items that appear on only one page such as media, form etc. I also run files through an optimizer app developed in Holland - Ton Brand. The...
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    What are your concerns in developing a website for yourself?

    That's good news but I can't seem to find out much about it except for this page.
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    People Hate My Logo

    I like the idea of it and who cares about a "professional vibe" - whatever that is. Its just the nose that bothers me and makes me want to scratch it. Is it supposed to be the letter G and why?
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    What are your concerns in developing a website for yourself?

    One of the biggest "concerns" is creating websites that work on the proliferation of mobile devices. I would guess that, by the time Santa has done his rounds this year, there will be more people surfing the net using them than computers. I know its going to take a while for the rest of the...
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    how do you guys like HTML5

    That is very badly expressed and I promise to be more precise! The movies use different sizes of poster (splash) image for different device types and video preload is set to "none".
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    Please Review WP Auto Tube

    At least have the slider stop on mouse over! The demo video commentary is not very professional. If you can't get an actor to do the voice over you should at least edit out all the bad bits and add EQ to cut the grating of the voice. Unless your plugin makes YouTube responsive its a waste of...
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    Hosting Domain in Other Country

    Choose a host whose whose tech support can communicate in your language!
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    how do you guys like HTML5

    I've been using the audio and video tags for some time although you still need to provide flash fallback for older browsers. Its really easy to make video responsive using html5 but you still need to use media queries to load different file sizes for the various devices. Audio is still not...
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    How do i make a users browser launch

    You could have an auto playing movie on the landing page that hypnotizes the visitor into downloading, installing and launching Chrome. Otherwise you can only suggest it and give them the download links.
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    Congratulations. I thought Australia used Kilometres (rather then Kilometers). Milestone is a lot easier off the tongue than kilometrestone!