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    Tree View from Hell! Need new mock-up

    Thanks but that's not what I'm looking for. This Tree is used to store data that is entered into a data collection platform. It is part of a work plan.
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    Need cool/disturbing/twisted guild logo! iDLe HaNds

    Hi - Well I think the title sums up what I need. I need a small logo (250/150) for a Guild I am in for the game DOTA 2. The name of the guild is "iDLe HaNds" and I'd like to use that style of lower/uppercase. We use the tag [iDLe] but I do want the full name in the logo. The name is...
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    Tree View from Hell! Need new mock-up

    (Sorry this is in Graphics too -- I wasn't sure where to post) Does anyone have any GUI/Redesign ideas for this tree view (Attached)? I use this on several sites and it is from many years ago. This display doesnt look "that bad" but it gets extremely messy as data is entered into because it...