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    hosting for beginners

    Even for beginners i would recommend a cheap webhoster, it's pretty important you get a paid domainname and it doesn't cost a lot nowadays, so i would prefer secure web hosting above free web hosting.
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    What is the most efficient way to design a website

    I switch from my html file to my css file every div.. and i work from the outer div to the inner div... but everybody has his own way to work :)
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    Css html

    Yup, and you could center your wrapper by adding: .something{ margin:0 auto; }
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    SEO question

    It's not only SEO-purposes, if your page has a lot of visitors people will remember the root domain a lot easier then a addon domain.
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    WIX and SEO

    Agree, as a web designer every websites is a business card, so i would refuse the offer to make a web page with it. I would probably give him a reason why he shouldn't use WIX and just take something more professional.