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  1. qba82

    looking for a reliable provider with DDoS Protection

    Buy Your own serwer and put it in collocation, cheapest solution.
  2. qba82

    Div Height

    Or just use min-height
  3. qba82

    Device Width

    You have right css code? For example: @media (min-width:769px) and (max-width:991px) { html { font-size: 90%; } will affect devices with 769-991px width
  4. qba82

    GDPR for Mobile App Owners

    GDPR is overrated, and it is not so hard to implement it to Your website/app.
  5. qba82

    SEO hosting?

    Seo hosting is first place, where Google search for spam.
  6. qba82

    What control panel is the best?

    Cpanel is most know, not best, I think DirectAdmin is not only good, but FAST, cPanel is not.
  7. qba82

    Why Bing delay for website index?

    Did You used bing webmaster tools? It should index website in 1 day.