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  1. Carly Swinson

    Make A Website Look Like This?

    Best way to do is to get help from a professional web designer or developer to redesign your website. There is a website named revglue which is offering to re design your website with a team of highly trained professionals. Here you can find more about what they are offering in affiliate website...
  2. Carly Swinson

    website review

    It is a nice website and got all the materials of a professional website. well done.
  3. Carly Swinson

    Please review my site

    It is a nice website, well done.
  4. Carly Swinson

    what is digital marketing?

    It is a type of marketing you do on digital media like Web, social media, mobile, direct mail, point of sale, etc.
  5. Carly Swinson

    what is the best techniques for website ranking..?

    Good web design before all the techniques above. What is the use of all this hard work when a visitor wont stick to your website for ten seconds.
  6. Carly Swinson

    Best SEO Steps

    You should also consider the value of good web design in SEO.
  7. Carly Swinson

    New to Industry

    In this field there is none second to the skill and experience of your web designing. I agree that degree can help you learn and give you extra credit when you apply for a job but when it comes to freelancing skill is the key to success.
  8. Carly Swinson

    What control panel is the best?

    cPanel is the best but you can check all of these too. WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Core-Admin, InterWorx, ISPmanager, i-MSCP, Froxlor, Vesta, ZPanel, Sentora, Webmin, ISPConfig, Ajenti, BlueOnyx, CentOS Web Panel, Virtualmin.
  9. Carly Swinson

    how can i improve my website ranking in google...?

    Indexing of the links of your website on other website is the key. Also add good content to increase the traffic of your website and make it light and mobile friendly
  10. Carly Swinson

    Please review my site

    Good design, google didnt translate te content so that is all i can add for now.