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    How to check which Keyword has more traffic?

    Hi, Use keywordplanner tool ..... It will help you......
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    What control panel is the best?

    Cpanel is best ....
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    JavaScript or PHP?

    I think Php is best for to create a dynamic website.....
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    What are the best tools useful for Web Designing?

    Platforma Ultimate Wireframe Kit The Data Visualisation Catalogue Just Good Copy Runstatus Framer
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    My website is very slow

    Here are some tips for reduce your load times: Consider implementing a content delivery network Implement new image formats to reduce the size of your images Cache, cache, cache Evaluate your plugins Combine images into CSS sprites Enable HTTP keep-alive response headers Enable compression.
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    How is website homepage.

    Nice...... But Change your content little bit.....
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    Web Designing

    First you have to use wordpress..... This will help you easily.....