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  1. Daniel Dixon

    Tool to copy an element of a website (HTML + CSS)

    The Tools like Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools makes it very easy to inspect the specific code, But if you want to copy a separate section and play around with it locally, It would be a pain to copy all the individual portion with their associated CSS. And possibly just as much work to save...
  2. Daniel Dixon

    What is PBN in SEO?

    PBN is one for the best part in the blog submission. You build links using PBN.
  3. Daniel Dixon

    Which is the best keyword tracker tool?

    There is lots of keyword tracker tools that can help us in finding the right keyword: Word tracker Long tail pro keyword planner google instant google trends HTH!
  4. Daniel Dixon

    What control panel is the best?

    Cpanel is one of the best control panels. There are many crucial options to use you can check these too.
  5. Daniel Dixon

    how can i improve my website ranking in google...?

    Content must be unique and understandable to read with grammatically. use images in your website with giving an alt tag to the image.
  6. Daniel Dixon

    How to save files for a mac?

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information to us. It will be helpful to me.
  7. Daniel Dixon

    How to improve traffic in local searches?

    There are sevaral tactics for Local Searches. You can target your business using local listing sites. create a facebook fan page as per targeted area. Then you can promote your business.
  8. Daniel Dixon

    Please review my site

    You have to build a website with a good design. The website is looking attractive as per user point of view.
  9. Daniel Dixon

    Best method of link building for local seo?

    Sure This above tips will help on link building for local SEO.
  10. Daniel Dixon

    website review

    It is looking as nice as per UI an expert view.
  11. Daniel Dixon

    Google Rank Strategy

    There are many ways you can use tactics for Google Rank Strategy. Use Unique content Use Social Media Mail to Influnce Guest Posting PR Submission
  12. Daniel Dixon

    Best SEO Steps

    You can add in steps social media parts. it will be helpful for promoting and enhancing the business an easy way.
  13. Daniel Dixon

    what is the best techniques for website ranking..?

    These above techniques are very crucial for the ranking website on the SERP page. follow the above tips.
  14. Daniel Dixon

    Need Website Review From Professionals

    This website is looking good as per the user point of view. Link drop removed
  15. Daniel Dixon

    SEO hosting?

    If you want to de SEO hosting, you can get number IP's from Class C. starting from to
  16. Daniel Dixon

    Make A Website Look Like This?

    Are you offering a trending or do you just like the design? If it's the latter then you need to get a trending account and use the same template that they do.
  17. Daniel Dixon

    what is digital marketing?

    The use of the Internet and other digital media and technology to support ‘modern marketing’ has given rise to a bewildering range of labels and jargon created by both academics and professionals. It has been called digital marketing, Internet marketing, e-marketing, and web marketing.
  18. Daniel Dixon

    Problem with blog

    You can take help from WP. If you will open an account on WP. It will be simple for your any blog.
  19. Daniel Dixon

    How to spot a good web design company?

    Hi @Ceryes You must read client feedback it will be helpful for you..!
  20. Daniel Dixon

    Web Design Trendsin 2018

    Hello, Thanks for sharing Web design trends information it will helpful for my business website. There are some of following Web Designs Trends for 2018. 1. Broken grid layouts 2. Illustrations take center stage 3. Brutalism reaches mainstream status 4. More organic and oblique shapes 5. Even...