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  1. Dennis Carnegie Jr


    You are right about that though, people would need to install the alexa toolbar, but there is websites where you can boost your alexa ranking, and everyone that does join that site has the alexa toolbar installed, so that does help out in some ways.
  2. Dennis Carnegie Jr


    Basically, you can use anything to get traffic. Even increasing your alexa ranking helps with boosting your site ranking as well. The higher your ranking the better it will be in the search engines.
  3. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Need to optimize a Site?

    Like the previous people have said, it is not good to get a lot of links to your website, but what you need is to create great content and get some high ranking backlinks which can assist with getting the site noticed by search engines. What people do not understand is that when you post to...
  4. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    how can i improve my website ranking in google...?

    Basically what you need to do is work on the header of your site, so you want to work on adding meta tags, which is keywords, description, etc. And then make sure your website title has those keywords in there and also in the body of the website. This will help google in spidering the website...
  5. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Accepting Credit Card Payments

    I would recommend paypal for starters, but if you want to have a stand alone payment gateway, look into stripe for online transactions and square for offline cc transactions, both of them are free and doesn't charge a lot of transaction fees.
  6. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Need to stop post/PHP from executing...

    Hi, Are you still in need of assistance in getting this working? I see Chris was helping you, but sounds like you are not understanding what needs to be done. You actually need to keep the formsubmit() in there so this way when you do the onclick, it will first validate the answer, and then...
  7. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    JavaScript or PHP?

    PHP, in my opinion is better than javascript and it provides a faster loading time for the website. I use php for all my sites, and just run includes on my pages to include only part of the pages that I am wanting to display so I create a great layout with a menu, and the menu never changes from...
  8. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Noob, easy question

    First, you would need to change the DNS on your domain name to point to your hosting provider, you would need the nameservers from your host. Propogation of the domain takes from 24-72 hours. Then you would need to ftp into your account, and go into the public_html folder. This is where you...
  9. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    What control panel is the best?

    I have tried several different control panels, and have just decided to stay with the one, which is CPanel. CPanel has come a long way, they have the best type of GUI which is very user friendly to the consumer. CPanel offers so many features, and allows for installation of free scripts with...
  10. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    a good webhost - what is that?

    A great webhost provides the best support ever, and answers questions in a timely fashion. A great webhost treats the customer with respect, and does what the customer wants. A great webhost has little to no downtime guaranteed A great webhost will provide the services that you require and give...