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    looking for a reliable provider with DDoS Protection

    Just about every big provier offers DDOS the ones that you need to watch out for are the Resellers that have really no clue what they have.
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    SEO hosting?

    IMO it's not that bit of a deal any more. I would say I would have your sites on different IP. If you provider has different servers in different places that would be best. I would just not set up 20 sites on the same server with different IP and link them all together.
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    What's wrong Hostgator customer support?

    @Present If you are still needing a VPS server we can set you and migrate everything over for you. We will beat any Hostgator managed VPS pricing by 25%
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    What is the best host for running wordpress?

    we can help you with your hosting needs.
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    What control panel is the best?

    Cpanel will be the most common and easy to pick up
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    Please Review My Website Design

    Great start for just starting out and learning. My question would be are you going to make it just one long page or you going to break the content up into several pages? Also at the top of the fold i would put something that would catch the customers attention to get them to say on the site...
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    Best hosting for sm business in $20-50 range per month.

    Look at the TOS of the web host. Most that say unlimited will have it stated in TOS that you can't use over x resources. If you are needing someone that is going to take care of you today and tomorrow check us out. Fast servers Never ever going to over sell a server.
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    Recommend a U.S. based host?

    we can help you out with your customer. we offer 24/7 support
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    Main Website designing tools

    depends on your skill level and what you know. you could always use a drag and drop tool like rvsite builder, wix and so on. You could also use adobe muse to build out a site design. If you have photoshop skills then use that and then slice up the design and code it up.
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    Client changes to website?

    Yes CMS is the way to go for customers. When we build the site we usually give a 20 min demo on how to edit the site and so on. We do daily backups, weekly and monthly backups. just in case the customer messes something up we are able to restore the site for them. I would say more times than...
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    Bounce rate at 75%- How to increase it?

    You want to lower it not increase it. The lower the bounce rate the better. Means they are staying on your site. Look at the pages that have the highest bounce rate. Also look at the search terms that have high bounce rate as well as referral links. Sometimes you could be marketing and ranking...
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    Google Certifications

    I have both for myself and in the years that I have done marketing I have never once had a customer ask for my certification. If you have references of your work that is all that you will need.
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    New Website -what do the experts think?

    The site looks nice an clean. You might make the icons at the top in the nav bar change colors when you move the mouse over them.
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    Please review my site

    I like the design. but not sure what the site does. but it got my attention when i got onto the site
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    Hosting (Clean wipe and fresh start?)

    If you are not really sure of what to do you can always contact the host and see if they would remove the files for you. You can do it yourself in the file manage or if you are using an ftp client
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    Beauty salon

    If you have a customer looking for an idea. I always have them do a search and see what sites they like and don't like and give me that list so it gives me an idea of design taste for them. You can also look at theme forest and template monster for examples as well.